Friday, 25 December 2015

UParcel delivers urban logistics excellence during peak season

UParcel delivers over the Christmas Season. Using our connected network of agents, we were able to deliver through Christmas on time and on budget.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Here are top five benefits of using courier service

Are you looking for a different way to send your parcel? If yes then look no further. Parcel delivery services will do the job for you. Parcel delivery services offer many different services. These include – next day delivery, weekend delivery and premium delivery. Continue Reading...

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Experience the fast easy and reliable courier delivery by your smart phone

courier services

uParcel provides the easiest parcel delivery in Singapore. Our local friendly delivery agents are always ready to deliver your parcel fast and reliably. By using location-based identification, the best delivery agent will be assigned to pick up your parcel and deliver them to their destination from as low as $4 per delivery. You will get live GPS tracking of the delivery and receive notifications on its status.
Our Features
• Reliable
• Fast, Easy & Affordable
• Lost parcel is insured up to $100
• Track your parcel
• Batch Deliveries
• Customizable
• Request for Delivery Anytime

Thursday, 26 November 2015

uParcel enters courier delivery race with disruptive technology

Straits Times Feature on uParcel 26 Nov 2015

uParcel enters courier delivery race

Online shopping is huge in Singapore. Consumers are expected to spend $4.4 billion on e-purchases this year, according to a recent e-commerce study by PayPal and Singapore Management University.
Ms Mabeline Xie of local logistics start-up uParcel said that in a mature market such as the United States, the average order size could be $100.

If the same order size is applied here, it could work out to 44 million parcels this year, she added.
With such a potentially vast market, she set up uParcel last September, knowing that it is up against current market leader SingPost and courier firms like DHL.

uParcel is disruptive, she said, because it does not need to build large warehouses - unlike SingPost. "SingPost just did its groundbreaking for a $182 million regional eCommerce Logistics Hub. Every time a traditional courier expands, it has to invest in warehouses, sorting systems and fleets of vehicles."

These are expensive capital investments, she said, adding that they will need to have business volume which will come from big online retailers.

uParcel, which targets small online vendors, has no such assets. It uses mobile technology to bring together online vendors and delivery agents. Online vendors will post delivery requests with the pick-up and drop-off locations. uParcel agents near these locations will be automatically selected based on their mobile GPS location. Once the agent accepts the assignment, he exchanges details with the vendor. Last-minute changes can be accepted because the vendor can contact the agent. Vendors can also track delivery status on uParcel's mobile app. uParcel also provides insurance on every delivery.

Ms Xie said the agents could be anyone who wants to earn an extra income. But the start-up vets them to ensure, for example, that they have valid driving licences. uParcel now has 300 delivery agents. Ms Xie aims to levy a commission on each delivery in future.

Grace Chng
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Sunday, 15 November 2015

uParcel - your easiest way to deliver

Courier delivery Service

uParcel is one of the best courier delivery company in Singapore. uParcel provide 24/7 courier service anywhere in Singapore. By using location-based identification, the best delivery agent will be assigned to pick up your parcel and deliver them to their doorstep from as low as $4. You will get live tracking of the delivery and receive notifications on its status. Further more, you can contact the delivery agent directly to get updates.

Use uParcel now to request, ship and track parcel and start taking advantage of our simple yet effective Singapore Courier service.

Features of uParcel-
-Our service is Reliable
-Fast, Easy and Affordable
-Each lost parcel is insured upto $100
-Track your parcel through uParcel website or mobile app
-Batch Deliveries
-24/7 delivery

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Car owners moonlight as delivery drivers

By Jessica Lim Consumer Correspondent Adrian Lim

As well as working as an engineer, "Warren" works as a part-time courier, delivering cakes, sandwiches and coffee in his Toyota Wish before and after work - and even during his lunch hour.

The 30-year-old signed up to on-demand delivery service CarPal three months ago and earns between $250 and $500 a week in extra income.

Warren (not his real name) told The Sunday Times: "I like to drive and I can use the car to generate income rather than wasting time at home."

CarPal and its larger competitor RocketUncle are among a host of on-demand delivery start-ups to have sprouted up in Singapore over the past year.

They use apps and websites to link their clients with third-party drivers - much like how taxi booking apps match passengers and cabbies.

But while firms like Easy Van and GoGoVan prefer their drivers to have a lorry, van, or motorcycle, CarPal and RocketUncle also target regular car owners who may have little experience in logistics.

CarPal founder Maarten Hemmes said 80 per cent of its 150 registered drivers belong to this demographic. They range from cabbies and Uber drivers, to real estate and sales agents, and others who want to make extra income on the weekends or evenings.

"The idea is that when you are going from point A to B for your work or any other reason, why not take a package along? From a couple of cars in a courier company's fleet, we are expanding our resources to millions of people who have a vehicle."

The Dutchman launched CarPal here last May. About eight in 10 of his orders involve perishables and fresh items, likes flowers, cakes, juices and food.

RocketUncle, which launched here in January last year, has almost 5,000 drivers - about half of them car owners.

Founder Noam Berda said most are shift workers with extra time on their hands.

Each earns $5 to $15 per package delivered depending on its size. RocketUncle now handles an average of 3,000 deliveries a day, mostly documents from offices and parcels from shops. It has even helped hair salons deliver shampoo to customers who want to buy an extra bottle.

"Every job has a price and location - drivers can then decide if they want to fulfil them," said Mr Berda, a 39-year-old Singapore permanent resident.

He added that all its drivers are screened and are either Singaporeans or Singapore residents.

A driver can also be locked out of the system if his or her performance is not up to par.

RocketUncle will launch in Manila next month.

One of its drivers, who wanted to be identified only as Mustaqim, said he does up to 10 jobs a day in his Mitsubishi Lancer. The 33-year-old sales agent juggles the work in between meeting clients.

After discounting his petrol costs, he can earn about $40 to $50 a day.

Mr Zayed Talib, from online shawl retailer Adlina Anis, has been using RocketUncle since last June. His company used to have two delivery drivers on its payroll, but let them go because "it was too expensive". He and other colleagues then started doing deliveries themselves but ran into problems with consolidating orders.

"We were tied up with meetings and it was difficult because the delivery information was not housed in one place," he said, adding that RocketUncle handles about 20 same-day deliveries for his company every day - a service that costs about $1,000 a month. "That's cheaper than hiring drivers, who sit around doing nothing between deliveries. If they didn't turn up for work, it was a huge blow to operations."

But while doing deliveries can help some make a quick buck, General Insurance Association of Singapore executive director Derek Teo said that under a private car motor insurance policy, the use is restricted to "social, domestic and pleasure only".

If the vehicle is used otherwise and the driver has an accident, the insurer is likely to decline liability since there is a breach of policy condition.

Mr Teo said: "If the driver had used the vehicle for a paid delivery, it is clear that he is discharging a commercial transaction, which would mean the vehicle had been used for business purposes."

Both RocketUncle and CarPal advise their drivers to check with insurance providers about coverage. Both companies cover goods delivered by up to $500 and $250 respectively, in the event they are damaged or lost.

Meanwhile, GoGoVan's country manager for Singapore, Mr William Ban, said his firm is not ruling out using car drivers. "Depending on the market demand in (the) future, we foresee other types of transportation may also play a role in this space, such as sedans, bicycles and even on foot!"

Traditional courier firms such as ixpress647, which has been around for four years, said its business has not been affected by the new start-ups.

Owner Aznan Zainal, 29, said: "I do more contract services, rather than ad-hoc orders. The items can be worth a few thousand. From a business perspective, they will not want a random person coming to pick up their goods. We arrange the deliveries and have full control over our drivers."

uParcel is the simplest way to ship anything. No more expensive courier rates, long queues and pages of forms. uParcel picks up at your doorstep and delivers reliably.

Published on Sunday Times 19 April 2015: